Covington Partners is committed to working with the schools of Covington to provide family engagement programs to improve student achievement. Programs include education and leadership opportunities.

Over the years, several family engagement opportunities were provided for parents including:

  • Parents and Teachers Talking Together (PT3)
  • Parenting Partners
  • Parent Leadership 101
  • bornlearning Academy

Data collected shows that parents are taking advantage of the opportunities to engage when those opportunities are provided.

Family engagement is defined as the percentage of students that have had at least one adult attend an event offered during the school year. In an effort to provide a greater variety of events to appeal to families, the following classifications were developed:

INFORMATIVE family engagement events focus on increasing awareness and building relationships between families and the school.

COLLABORATIVE family engagement events focus on parents, students, and teachers contributing and participating in activities together to strengthen relationships.

INSTRUCTIVE family engagement events focus on education and learning.  Families may attend workshops or educational presentations.

INTERACTIVE family engagement events feature activities that families participate in together to celebrate various occasions or holidays.

OBSERVATION family engagement events feature parents and family members being spectators for their children’s life events.

EMPOWERMENT family engagement events focus on parents serving in a decision-making capacity as advocates for their children and the school.