The Pink Link Project is an initiative to reduce a barrier that some students face every month during their menstrual cycle. This project provides period products for students who cannot afford or do not have access to purchase what they need. Without this support, some students in Covington are absent from school for several days each month. What began as a low-key, grassroots plea for financial and product donations has turned into a wildly successful campaign that will absolutely make a difference in the lives of students attending Covington Schools. 

The barrier addressed by the Pink Link Project is just one example of the often invisible barriers experienced by our students. The mission of Covington Partners is to remove barriers so that all students in Covington Independent Public Schools can be successful. This means really listening and engaging with our students and families to understand these barriers and to build together solutions that will reduce the educational and economic disparities that exist for families living in poverty. Covington Partners does just this by working with families inside and outside the school day building the trust required to understanding the barriers and the solutions that will break the cycle of generational poverty.

In addition to period products, the Pink Link Project has answered the call from female athletes for supportive performance sports bras. Using funds raised through the Pink Link Project, Covington Partners is able to fit female athletes with a properly sized sports bra and purchase bras through an outside vendor. Bras are delivered to female athletes from The Pink Link Project.

Join the movement by:

  1. Donating financially to Covington Partners. You can designate your donation to the Pink Link Project.
  2. Donating period products. They can be mailed to P.O. Box 0426, Covington, KY  41012. Products can also be delivered to our physical location. Please contact Ashley McClure at or 859.392.3176 to schedule a drop-off time.
  3. Purchasing products from our Pink Link Project Amazon Wishlist HERE.
  4. Holding a period products collection at your workplace. We can even collect the products from you! Just contact Ashley McClure at or 859.392.3176.

Through the Carol M. White Physical Education Program grant awarded to Covington Independent Public School, the Health and Wellness Collaborative was created.  The Health and Wellness collaborative is comprised of community stakeholders dedicated to the mission of providing school-aged children and their families with health and wellness awareness to empower them to lead nutritionally healthy and more active lifestyles. This committee’s main goal is to decrease the overall BMI percentage of students considered to be overweight or obese.

Upon receiving the Carol M. White grant in October 2010, the body mass index percentage has decreased by 6% (grades K-12). To meet grant requirements, the following measurements are obtained quarterly:

  • The percentage of students who engage in 60-minutes of physical activity.
  • The percentage of students who achieve age-appropriate cardiovascular levels.
  • The percentage of students who consume fruit two or more times per day and vegetables three or more times per day.
  • The percentage of students with age-appropriate abdominal strength and endurance.
  • The percentage of students with age-appropriate upper body strength and endurance.
  • The percentage of students with age-appropriate joint flexibility.

Since the baseline fitness assessment, the following progress has been achieved:

  • 30% increase in the number of students who engage in 60 minutes of daily physical activity
  • 6% increase in the number of students achieving age-appropriate cardiovascular levels
  • 17% increase in the number of students consuming fruits two or more times per day and vegetables three or more times per day
  • 26% increase in the number of students with age-appropriate upper body strength and endurance

Fitness Rocks!

Fitness Rocks is embedded into each of our after-school programs as well as our summer program. Students are provided a minimum of 45 minutes of physical activity each day.  Program staff follows the research based SPARK curriculum to ensure every student is active and learns to live a physically active lifestyle.  

Family fitness nights

Family fitness nights were held at all five elementary schools and on the Holmes campus. The events included educational booths sponsored by local organizations (Northern Kentucky Health Department, Campbell and Kenton County YMCA, City of Covington, Covington Fire Department, Covington Police Department, etc.), as well as fitness activities for the family (Zumbatomic, rock wall, jump rope & pulse station, etc.).