STEM Bicycle Club Launches at Holmes Middle School

STEM Bicycle Club Launches at Holmes Middle School

March 13, 2015 - Through an application process, fifteen students at Holmes Middle School have been selected to participate in the STEM Bicycle Club, a specialized after-school program in the Holmes Middle School Community Learning Center made possible by the assistance and support of local community partners, including Fidelity, GE, Wal-Mart, Greater Cincinnati STEM Collaborative, and many more.


The initial club was developed last spring as the result of a partnership between the Greater Cincinnati STEM Collaborative (GCSC), Time Warner Cable’s Connect a Million Minds, the Urban League of Greater Cincinnati, GE Aviation, the Greater Cincinnati Foundation, and the Woodward Career Technical High School.  As a result of the program’s earlier success, several community partners have come together to support the STEM Bicycle Club at Holmes Middle School in the spring of 2015.


The STEM Bicycle Club will meet each Monday after school beginning March 9 throughout the remainder of the school year. Mr. Jeff Haney, an avid bicyclist and Holmes Middle School science teacher, will act as sponsor of the club. Volunteer coaches from Fidelity and GE will guide the students through the process and expose them to different careers in the area of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). With guidance from the teacher and volunteer coaches, student participants will learn how to build their own bicycle while incorporating the principles of STEM. At the end of the ten-week course, students will be able to keep their new bicycle.


Congratulations to Anthony Brockman, Nick Brockhoff, Elijah Crosby, Nick Delacruz, Samantha Fitzgerald, Jonathan Jones, Luke Lack, Hezekiah Miller, Matthew Mocahbee, Robert Russell, Abdul Salaah, Majdaah Salaah, Azriel Sendelbach, Jashaun Washington, and Mark Worthy for being accepted to participate in the 2015 STEM Bicycle Club at Holmes Middle School Community Learning Center.

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