Mentoring: Tim and Sterling

Mentoring: Tim and Sterling

Tim knows how much a mentor can help guide a protégé or young person. He says mentors were instrumental in shaping him “into the man that I am.”

Over the years, Tim mentored individuals through his job and after he retired from Fidelity Investments in 2016, he decided to join a formal mentoring program after hearing an NBA athlete’s experience with mentoring.  Tim was already familiar with Covington Partners and Covington schools through his work at Fidelity, which has partnered with the school district on numerous activities.

Tim is an enthusiastic believer in mentoring. “I believe it is incumbent on those individuals who have had some measure of success - whether academically, with their career, or both - to share some of  the knowledge and experience they have gained with those who are just getting started.”

Tim mentors Sterling, who is in 8th grade. They share a love of math and learning. Over the past two years, they have focused on career goals and personal development. They have discussed concepts of accounting and explored future jobs in the field. They picked stocks and kept track of their choices last year in a competition Tim designed. (Many weeks, Sterling’s stock choices outperformed Tim’s.) With Tim’s encouragement, Sterling also created a resume last year.

Tim says Sterling is “a task-oriented young man with excellent focus and a great sense of humor.” He doesn’t shy away from challenges.

"Sterling listens and gives thoughtful answers to questions", Tim says. Many people would say the same about Tim.

Tim admires Sterling’s desire to learn new things and strive to do his best. “Whether it’s academics, playing a musical instrument, helping other people, or just playing a game, Sterling doesn’t just sit idly by. He rolls up his sleeves, gets involved and sees things through until completion.”

Sterling’s accomplishments include being chosen for Select Band, making A-honor roll nearly every quarter over the past eight years and immersing himself in many after-school activities. Sterling says over their time together, Tim has helped him with making good choices. The two hope they have many more years to together as Sterling moves to high school and continues his learning.

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