Summer Wows in the Cov

Eight sites. Sixteen programs and camps. Nearly 900 students…thus far. Through the collaboration of Covington Partners and Covington Independent Public Schools, students in Covington are learning this summer through enrichment opportunities, academic time with certified teachers, programming from community partners, health and wellness lessons, social-emotional activities with counselors, and field trips—all while having fun!

One program geared toward supporting new EL (English Learner) students was a success in its first summer. The program taught students salsa dancing and allowed students to play Scrabble in Spanish. In addition, they sampled Cuban food and completed crafts from Mexico. The students shared their Guatemalan culture and spent time honing their vocabulary, math, and English language acquisition skills.

While some programs have ended, Camp Covington 2022: Summer Safari continues to run through the middle of July. This program, with nearly 600 registered students prior to the first day, is open to incoming kindergarten through fifth grade students in Covington. The dynamic five-week program provides students academic support, as well as a multitude of enrichment opportunities. Varying site to site, enrichment activities may include gardening, a service-learning project with The Center for Great Neighborhoods, a project-based activity centered around animals and their habitats with Kenton County Public Library, an array of visual and performing art lessons from Baker Hunt Art & Cultural Center and The Carnegie, and so much more.

Me & My School, a program developed to ensure incoming kindergarten students are ready to learn on the first day of school, is also incorporated into Camp Covington, allowing the new elementary students to engage with classroom teachers and community partners, while developing skills like forming a single-file line, counting to ten, writing their name, and communicating with peers and staff.

The last summer program in Covington ends on July 28. This program occurs at the alternative school and allows students to receive extra time with teachers and staff to study and complete credits toward graduation.

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