Little Makers, Big Project

Little Makers, Big Project

What do you get when you put a group of students in the Ninth District Elementary School Makerspace during Camp Covington? Creativity. Generosity. Shirts. And more shirts. 

During the five-week summer program, Camp Covington 2022: Summer Safari, and with the help of their leader, Ms. Smith, a group of fifth grade students at Ninth District Elementary School decided to pose a design contest to the rest of the student body. Students wanted to provide a thank-you gift to the staff at Ninth District for providing them with an engaging summer program, and thus, the contest was born. 

The fifth grade student group brainstormed several design ideas and worked out a plan to execute their project, including a timeline, budget, and Cricut training. Students from each grade level participated in the contest, voting on several designs. Ultimately, students decided on two designs, one with a lion and giraffe for student shirts and one with a group of animals for staff shirts. 

Students discussed their strengths throughout the project and when assigning roles, including loading the material into the Cricut, cutting the material, weeding the material, manning the pressing station, and more.  

The group of fifth grade students were excited to share what they had designed and created, and students and staff were thrilled with the end product.

We have a feeling these won’t be the last shirts created in the Ninth District Elementary School Makerspace. 

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