Are You a Mentor Yet?

Are You a Mentor Yet?

During the month of August, the Covington Partners Mentoring Program has led a social media campaign seeking 31 new volunteer mentors in 31 days.

Volunteer mentors have several program options from which to choose and can share their time and talents by getting involved in one (or more) of the mentoring program options, including working with students from elementary through high school, meeting students during lunch or after school, or becoming a community-based mentoring match. With a small commitment of only up to one hour per week, the results are massive. The tagline is true: By mentoring one student, you can change two lives.

Thus far, the program has recruited ten new mentors during the month of August. Can you help us reach our goal of 31 new mentors for the beginning of the 22/23 school year?

Learn more about the Covington Partners Mentoring Program HERE. Ready to #MentorOneStudentChangeTwoLives? Download an application HERE.

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