Through Boxing, Discipline Is Learned

Terry O'Brien faces his opponents one by one and asks them to take a few swings. Then he advises them on how they can do it better – hit harder or with more accuracy.

O’Brien is teaching students at Holmes Middle School how to box. The initial classes involve seeing how the students punch and how they stand.

O’Brien, founder of Shamrock Boxing Gym in Covington, is a former professional boxer and a Cincinnati Golden Gloves Champion. For decades he has coached fighters and trained individuals at his gym, including numerous Golden Gloves champions. In 2004, he took a boxer to the Olympics.

Jamar Yewitt, coordinator for the afterschool program at Holmes Middle School, wanted to offer boxing during out-of-school time, not only for exercise, but also to help students learn discipline. "You have to know how to have self-control as a boxer,” Yewitt said. 

He also expects students will build relationships as they connect over a shared sport. "They’re interacting with others who are interested in boxing and developing ties into the community because (O’Brien’s) gym is in Covington,” he said.

O’Brien thinks over time learning to box will help students gain respect. He has worked with some Holmes students who were bullied by others.

Shamrock Boxing Gym, a non-profit, was established in 1968 and is the oldest operating boxing gym in Kentucky and the Cincinnati area. O’Brien coaches and trains boxers and provides personal training for men and women.

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