Career Exposure Through the CLC

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

This is a question often asked to students. The responses are generally limited to what they are exposed to, the jobs of their parents, close family, or perhaps neighbors.

Through the Cub Zone Community Learning Center at John G. Carlisle Elementary School, students are taking part in career visits from local businesses during afterschool hours. Michael Wesson, the program coordinator at JGC, is leading the initiative, with the goal of exposing students to as many careers as possible. He wants students to know what is possible throughout northern Kentucky and beyond.

“Career exposure and transition readiness is vital, as it lets students explore through their talents and interests and observe how they and others fit into the many moving parts of the world. It broadens their understanding, awakens curiosity, and helps them better connect to society,” says Wesson.

Visits, including a recent visit from pharmacist Karen Arlinghaus from Blank’s Pharmacy, awaken the curiosity of students and to give them exposure into not only the people in their neighborhood, but also the wide world of work. Students can see the tools, ask questions, and learn how their community works, literally. 

If you are interested in visiting the afterschool program at John G. Carlisle Elementary School or another school in the district to share your career, please contact us at You never know where one visit may lead a student in the future.

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