Music Beyond the Notes: Incorporating Music Programming Afterschool

The children are pounding on drums, big smiles on their faces. The hands-on activity is fun for young students with loads of energy, but it is also helps them learn about the fundamentals of music.

Latonia Elementary, Sixth District Elementary and John G. Carlisle Elementary have been offering afterschool music programming through a partnership with the Immanuel School of Music in Lakeside Park. This is the second year for the program at John G. Carlisle Elementary School. 
Music is its own language,” said Michael Wesson, coordinator of the school’s afterschool program. “It also encompasses math, science and history. Students learn rhythm, songs and other instruments.”

The children typically are excited to learn about new instruments and express themselves through music, he said.

Jimmy Rinehart, one of the instructors for the music school, usually brings his guitar. He has taught lessons for guitar and other fretted musical instruments for 20 years. With the afterschool participants, he mostly focuses on general music and singing, allowing the children to play drums and other percussion instruments.

“The kids really seem to enjoy it,” Rinehart said. “I have also worked with the school to let the kids perform a few songs that we learned at the end of each semester.”

Rinehart’s hope is teaching the students that anyone can learn to make music and that it is fun.

Another instructor, Julie Geiman, who is the Mozart Strings Coordinator for the music school, said she focuses on foundational skills, such as note and rhythm reading and recognition, in addition to introducing students to different types of instruments. She encourages the students to get their whole body involved in the musical experience.

“The overall goal of the music program is to give children exposure to various forms of music, spark interest in the arts and help build a music appreciation to last a lifetime,” she said.

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