Fidelity Groups Join the Pink Link Project Movement

Thank you to two Fidelity-based affinity groups, Fidelity Cares and the Fidelity Women's Leadership Group, for joining the Pink Link Project movement. The groups have donated to Pink Link, purchased items from the Amazon Wishlist, and held a product drive at Fidelity.

An initiative to reduce a barrier that some students face every month during their menstrual cycle, the Pink Link Project provides period products for students who cannot afford or do not have access to purchase what is needed.

In addition to period products, the Pink Link Project has answered the call from female athletes for supportive performance sports bras. Using funds raised through the Pink Link Project, Covington Partners is able to fit female athletes with a properly sized sports bra and purchase bras through an outside vendor. Bras are delivered to female athletes from The Pink Link Project.

There's still time to join the movement. DONATE to Covington Partners today and designate your donation to the Pink Link Project. 100% of funds will be used to purchase period products and sports bras for female athletes. Products can also be purchased through the Pink Link Project Amazon Wishlist HERE.

Category: Prevention
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