March (Mentor) Madness Attracts New Matches

March (Mentor) Madness Attracts New Matches

It's not just basketball.

Lauren Grace, campus recruiter for Northwestern Mutual, was recruited to be a mentor in the Covington Partners Mentoring Program by colleague Trent Ledbetter during March Mentor Madness.

Ledbetter, board member and mentor for Covington Partners, shared his experience with the program, and that was all Grace needed. She has always enjoyed serving as a role model and knew the program would be a "great way to continue making an impact."

Grace said that she decided to become a mentor "to provide guidance, encouragement, and acceptance towards a student."

During Grace's first session with her mentee, the student smiled from ear to ear. Grace said time flew by and they bonded quickly. She looks forward to building a long-lasting relationship with her mentee through the program.

If you are interested in joining Grace and Ledbetter as a mentor to a student in Covington, click HERE for more information.

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