Work-based Mentoring Expands to Covington Fire Department

Work-based Mentoring Expands to Covington Fire Department

Recently, work-based mentoring through the Covington Partners Mentoring Program expanded to the Covington Fire Department.

Students and mentors enjoyed meeting each other for the first time last month, participating in leadership building activities, taking a tour of the fire station, and trying on gear. While touring, students learned a great deal about the many aspects of a career as a firefighter and the necessary steps it takes to become one. 

Students participating in the program are extremely enthusiastic about a potential career as a firefighter/paramedic. They are learning about and training for the Fire Cadet Program, in which select students will be employed part-time by the Covington Fire Department upon graduation. Through this program, the Fire Department will pay for the students’ tuition to fire school, EMT school, and even college tuition.  

The students have truly enjoyed and appreciated time spent with their firefighter mentors thus far. Kate Andriacco, coordinator of work-based mentoring, said that the students "look forward to gaining invaluable experience through hands-on experiential learning from experts in the field, and hope to one day, walk in their 'boots.'"

Thanks to the Covington Fire Department and other businesses participating in work-based mentoring, the Covington Partners Mentoring Program will UNITE students with the community, GROW the local workforce, and help students SUCCEED in being workforce and college ready. 

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