Pink Link Project Encourages New Group at JGC

After Covington Partners started the Pink Link Project in 2021, Nicole Nazzarine, counselor at John G. Carlisle Elementary School, started to think about other barriers girls may experience when they start their periods while in elementary school. 
Without enough education, the start of menstruation in elementary school can be scary for girls. It is becoming more common for girls to start their periods at a younger age (the average range is age 10-15, but for some it can be as early as 8 years old). 

The American Academy of Pediatrics supports the stance that millions of girls and adolescents around the world experience pain, shame, anxiety, and isolation resulting from menstrual periods even though menstruation is a normal and healthy bodily function. 

With the start of the Pink Link Project, Nazzarine (referred to as “Ms. Nazz” by students) was inspired to help girls feel more supported through education about menstruation to promote healthy mental and physical health. 

“I really believe that knowledge is power. I want all of our girls to feel empowered with knowledge about their bodies and how they work. When girls feel supported with this knowledge, my hope is that they will learn the importance and power of self-advocacy, and the importance of advocating for others.”  

Nazzarine meets with students to discuss topics like menstruation and provides them with Pink Link Project period product bags. She started with a group of fifth grade girls and hopes to expand.

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