It's Not Goodbye, Just See You Later

The Covington Partners Mentoring Program is proud to honor and recognize fourteen Holmes High School graduating seniors; two of whom have been matched with their mentors for six years, two participated in the work-based mentoring program, and six served as peer mentors to freshman students through the Peer Advocacy Leader (PAL) program.

These seniors are exemplary leaders who have been successful both in and outside of the classroom. They are Governor’s Scholars; top-performing athletes; artists; leaders in the welding and construction programs; full-time employees; volunteer firefighters; members of Student Council, Young Life, Art Club, Superintendent’s Leadership Council; and recipients of numerous local and state scholarships.  

While this graduating class has had its share of challenges (i.e. global pandemic, social unrest, and remote-based learning and mentoring), they have more importantly realized a newfound appreciation for connection and community. This year, seniors were able to enjoy in-person learning, in-person mentoring, sports games (with fans), senior nights, afterschool clubs, field trips, and school dances. After pivoting to a remote-based mentoring program in 2020, seniors and mentors alike quickly and efficiently adapted to the “new normal.” Mentoring matches focused not only on senior coursework, but also worked collaboratively with parents and school staff in an effort to prepare for college and the workforce upon graduation. 

Our mentors have stayed connected to mentees during the pandemic, helped with job and college applications, scheduled and attended college visits, written recommendation letters, and so much more. Perhaps most importantly, however, our mentors have been a sounding board and provided guidance to mentees through many of life’s challenges and ALWAYS shown up for their mentees. A simple thank you often feels inadequate when it comes to expressing how grateful we are to our mentors for their many years of commitment to our students. Thank you for being that one advocate, that one person who has assisted our students with realizing their full potential, and for supporting them unconditionally. 

We look forward to seeing where the next adventure takes these seniors; may they always dare to do great things.

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