Interact for Health Supports Mentoring Program

Covington Partners is thrilled to be one of the organizations awarded a grant from Interact for Health during their first wave of community grants.

As part of Interact for Health's strategic plan, they outlined several priority areas, including a strong focus on mental health, building community power, and investments in policy and systems change.

Covington Partners received $115,000 from Interact for Health to support efforts to recruit diverse mentors and enhance mentor training around mental health and trauma. The funding is crucial to increasing the recruitment of minority mentors, increasing the number of minority mentees, and enhancing training to equip mentors with knowledge and skills surrounding mental health services.

Over a 24-month period, the Covington Partners Mentoring Program hopes to increase minority mentors by 15% and provide quarterly mental health development opportunities for mentors.

Throughout the grant period and beyond, Covington Partners will continue to work to keep the community moving forward by eliminating boundaries to learning and success. Increasing minority mentors and enhancing mental health awareness and trainings will help to fill the gap and provide students (and mentors) with needed support.

Category: Mentoring
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