Boone County Arboretum Visits Viking Zone CLC

The Arboretum on Wheels (a mobile environmental education lab) from Boone County Arboretum visited the Viking Zone Community Learning Center at Ninth District Elementary School this week.

Students learned the basic components of the food chain; reviewed terms like ecosystem, producers, herbivores, and decomposers; learned the basics of tree parts and their purpose; and discussed the connection of trees, humans, and other creatures.
Students enjoyed seeing and feeling animal skins and furs on the mobile lab. They also explored the land around the school and visited insect and animal friends.

Students expressed how excited they were for the visit, the hands-on activities, and discussion (especially about insects).

One student exclaimed, "This is so cool! I've never seen anything like this before. I love Viking Zone!" when seeing everything on the mobile lab.

At the end of the assembly, students were able to take home a wild flower to plant and grow with their family.

Boone County Arboretum plans to return to the Viking Zone this year to share additional environmental education lessons, including a dive into photosynthesis.

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