Take Action for the Pink Link Project This October

Take Action for the Pink Link Project This October

Did you know that one in five Kentucky women and girls between the ages of 18 and 44 live below the federal poverty line (United Health Foundation)? Yet, this age range is responsible for purchasing the most period products. By themselves, period products are expensive. Some US states have decided to make period products (like tampons and pads) tax-free; however, that is not yet the case in Kentucky. Currently, Kentucky is one of 26 states that still tax period supplies. 

Knowing the extreme cost of period products and that some students even miss school because they do not have the needed items, the Pink Link Project was born. The grassroots initiative began as a service for students who needed items such as tampons, pads, and other personal hygiene products. Knowing that students in Covington Independent Public Schools--sometimes beginning in third grade--had a need for these products, a group from the Covington Partners Board of Directors decided to make it their mission to gather products from local businesswomen and other generous people.  

Amazingly, women stepped up from the entire NKY region to support the cause. Location sites, such as the Roost in Latonia and the local NKY Chamber of Commerce, became collection sites. Often, women made their birthdays a special collection event at their work site or amongst a group of friends. Board members were further amazed that in the first six-month period, over 10,000 tampons and pads were collected for the students of Covington.

Covington Partners’ executive director, Stacie Strotman, learned that female athletes were in need of supportive athletic bras. Again, the community stepped up and provided funding in order for Covington Partners to make these purchases for female athletes at Holmes High School.

Since the program began in 2019, the Pink Link Project has distributed 31,610 tampons and pads, as well as 150 sports bras. In addition, underwear, deodorant, and hygiene wipes have been provided. At each school site, teachers and students act as ambassadors to keep the Pink Link boxes full of needed period products. There are currently 92 Pink Link Project boxes district wide (five elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school), housed in bathrooms, classrooms, administrative offices, school libraries, etc. Covington Partners staff members monitor supplies and refill the boxes on a regular basis.

How can you continue to help?

1. Please consider contacting Kentucky legislators to show support for tax-free period products.

2. Donate to the Pink Link Project fund HERE.

3. Purchase items from the Pink Link Project Amazon wishlist HERE.

4. Hold a period product drive during the month of October for Period Action Day (October 14, 2023). Ask your colleagues, neighbors, and friends to donate to the worthy cause. CP Board members can pick up contributions. EMAIL for more information.


Vicki Seligman and Angie Taylor, Covington Partners Board of Directors

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