ASL Club Brings New Way of Learning

On a recent afternoon, a simple game of UNO helped students at Latonia Elementary School Cardinal Club Community Learning Center learn an unfamiliar language.
The instructor, Kim Frank, had spent the last couple of months teaching the students basic words and phrases of American Sign Language (ASL). During the UNO game, the students used the signs for colors and numbers.

Frank had about 15 students in her ASL club during the first quarter at the school’s 21st Century Community Learning Center. 

As a college student, Frank initially majored in speech pathology, and ASL was required. Eventually, she switched her major to education. Now she has less opportunity to use sign language, but wanted to share her knowledge with Cardinal Club students. 

The students picked up the signs quickly, she said. Franks, who works as the school secretary during the day, also talked to the children about the importance of ASL for communicating with individuals who are deaf.

There are many benefits to learning sign language, both for people who are deaf and those who can hear. Benefits include improved speech and language development, enhanced cognitive and social-emotional development, improved communication skills, and boosted self-confidence.

Category: Education
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