Students Show Their "Cub Zone Shine" During #LightsOnAfterschool

Kandice Williams, Miss Buffalo Trail Kentucky 2023, visited the John G. Carlisle Elementary School Cub Zone Community Learning Center to celebrate #LightsOnAfterschool, a nationwide rally showcasing all the ways afterschool programs serve communities. 

Williams shared her experience with afterschool programs and encouraged program students to creatively share how the Cub Zone makes them shine. Students were provided paper light bulbs on which they could write, draw, and color their “Cub Zone shine.” Students presented finished light bulbs to Williams, and they were added to a banner now housed at the main entrance of the school. 

Some responses from students included: The Cub Zone makes me shine because…I get to draw, I get to play soccer, it helps me make friends, it helps me be myself, people are kind, everyone is awesome, and it helps me be good and help people.

Williams contacted the CLC coordinator at John G. Carlisle, Michael Wesson, to plan this event for students because she feels “afterschool programs deserve to be celebrated! So much greatness happens during afterschool hours and the community needs to see it!”

Students loved interacting with Williams, and Williams “loved seeing students share how the Cub Zone impacts their lives.” The event and speaking with students reminded her of why she started her community service initiative. 

All CLC (Community Learning Center) programs in Covington celebrated #LightsOnAfterschool throughout the month of October with various family engagement events, adult skill-building events, and special activities and guest speakers for students.

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