Focused Support for Dolphin Zone EL Students

Focused Support for Dolphin Zone EL Students
With a significant increase in the EL (English Learner) population in Covington, there is a growing need for small groups and interventions focused on academic needs of EL students.

In addition to supports put in place during the school day, the Sixth District Elementary School Dolphin Zone CLC has made a discerned effort to provide this group of students with additional academic support beyond the 3:00 p.m. bell. Dolphin Zone is fortunate to have a bilingual program coordinator, Adriana Silva. In addition, the program has hired other bilingual staff to work exclusively with EL students during WIN (What I Need) Time after school. 

While the students have deficiencies in both English and their primary language, since working in the focused small groups, they have shown progress on letter and number recognition, phonological awareness, and vocabulary. 

Silva and program staff are working collaboratively with administration and teachers to continue this effort and offer additional supports for EL students and families.

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