Did Someone Say Michelin Star?

Did Someone Say Michelin Star?

Students in the Cardinal Club Community Learning Center at Latonia Elementary School wanted to share their talents and show gratitude to the Covington Independent Public School Board members in honor of School Board Recognition Month this January. 

Student members of the afterschool What's Cooking Club made each board member a jar of caramel sauce, strawberry jam, and BBQ sauce, while students in the afterschool Perler Bead Club created a cardinal magnet for each board member. 

A time when local communities are encouraged to celebrate school board members for their dedication and service to their districts, students were excited to use their creative talents to prepare the gifts for the school board members. Not only was this a hands-on, engaging project for the students, but academic components were also addressed. Students incorporated math skills, including measurements and conversions, while preparing the gifts. 

Any good chef knows you have to try the food you prepare before serving to anyone…students loved the jam and sauces! We think a Michelin star is in their future. 

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