Family Game Night = Fun and Learning

Family Game Night = Fun and Learning
Families recently joined staff at Sixth District Elementary School for an interactive game night sponsored by the Dolphin Zone Community Learning Center. 

Throughout the evening, students and families visited several game stations focused on varying math concepts, including charting, subtraction, multiplication, and measurement. Students practiced counting on an abacus, charted their favorite foods and sports, utilized pop fidget toys for arithmetic operations, practiced patterns with tangrams, and much more.

Adriana Silva, coordinator of the Community Learning Center at Sixth District, said that every station was popular with the families and students were able to practice different math concepts while having fun. “Students didn’t realize they could have so much fun mixing math and hopscotch!” she said.

Representatives from Kenton County Public Library joined the festivities, providing picture books about math concepts that families were able to check out from the event. They also featured a special activity about the eclipse and provided glasses for viewing of the eclipse. 

At the end of the evening, two baskets with family games, books, and cards were provided as door prizes. Every family in attendance took home a small bag of math tools to practice at home together.
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