STEAM Through the Lens of a BMX Bike

STEAM Through the Lens of a BMX Bike
In partnership with the BMX STEAM Program and USA BMX Foundation, students at the Holmes High School Community Learning Center are experiencing STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) through the lens of a BMX bike.

The new enrichment club provides hands-on, project-based learning mixed with a strong physical fitness element and a whole lot of fun. Student-centered and student-led, a teacher helps facilitate the curriculum, which contains lessons focused on balanced and unbalanced forces, energy transformation, measuring, friction, leverage, and more. The curriculum is aligned with STEAM standards, including NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards), and incorporates pre/post testing that supports outcome-based reporting.

"The physics behind building and testing my bike has been really interesting and fun to learn," said student Kaden Barrett.

Through several modules, including photos and step-by-step walk-throughs, the students will work to break down and then rebuild the bikes, learning the intricacies of the machines throughout the experience. At the end of the program, each student will be able to take home their own Mongoose bike.

Sophomore student participant Brayden Green states that the club has “been a very educational and fun experience thus far." Green is “very excited” about the process of building the bike and then being able to take home his work.

The mission of the USA BMX Foundation is to build confidence in youth through STEAM education principles in unison with the hands-on experience of cycling to instill teamwork, exploration, mobility, discovery and physical fitness for life skills.

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