What's Your Vision for Holmes Campus?

This week, the first Holmes Campus Community Forum, a meeting to inform the community of funding allocated to Holmes Campus (Holmes Middle School and Holmes High School) from the Prichard Committee, as well as receive feedback from the community on how best to utilize the funds, was held.

Funds will be used to expand and upgrade existing programs, while also exploring new opportunities for students and families. This work is possible through the Kentucky Community Schools Initiative, a comprehensive approach to education which better aligns and coordinates community assets to support students. The community school model will gather knowledge from the community (the people who best know the school) to work on action plans and goals for the grant.

This week’s meeting, led by Holmes Campus Community Coordinator Jarrett Spisak, was a success, with an array of interested community members in attendance—neighbors, caregivers, students, staff, members of the CIPS Board, volunteer mentors, and alumni. 

President of Prichard Committee, Brigitte Blom, said, “To realize sustained improvement in academic outcomes, and to break cycles of generational poverty, communities need to be at the table with schools, to ensure all assets available are utilized to support student success and to protect time for teachers to do what they do best.” 

If you were unable to attend the meeting but would still like to contribute your vision for Holmes Campus, please contact Jarrett Spisak

A follow-up meeting (date TBD) to discuss next steps will be held before the end of the school year.

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