HMS Students Tackle Big Issues with New Podcast

HMS Students Tackle Big Issues with New Podcast
Thanks to the Kenton County Public Library (KCPL), 6th grade students participating in the Holmes Middle School Bulldog Zone Community Learning Center have been taking to the mic, creating a podcast, The Barking Dog.

The podcast is created through an afterschool enrichment club in partnership with the Covington branch of KCPL. Led by Tim Bredemeier, outreach programmer for KCPL, the club provides students the opportunity to have a voice about their journey as a middle school student. 

Thus far, the students have produced two episodes of The Barking Dog, one focusing on the concept of no-tech Tuesday, and the second discussing bullying.

“I'm so impressed with their willingness and desire to tackle big issues. They came up with the idea for [the second] episode completely on their own because it was an important topic to them,” Bredemeier states.  

Throughout the process, students have focused on central ideas, learning how to structure the show, authenticity, and keeping the show’s audience (other middle school students) in mind. They have also worked on perfecting an introduction (hooking the listeners), presenting the main content, and ending the show with a conclusion to summarize the episode.

There’s just one thing missing…a jingle for the opening of the show. After becoming more accustomed to the microphone and conquering their stage fright, the students can tackle a jingle for The Barking Dog.

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