'Mentor One Student, Change Two Lives' Rings True

By: Elizabeth Mitchell Healy

I worked in elementary schools for ten years until last year, when I moved away from the school setting and into a data role at Covington Partners. Upon leaving my school, I immediately missed the rewarding parts of my old work (being with students day to day) and began looking for ways to stay involved and provide support from outside of the building.

The Mentoring Program through Covington Partners has always been a strong pillar for both the organization and the school district, and the tenet “Mentor one student, change two lives” is one in which I really believe—what better way to reconnect with the passion of my former work than to become a mentor!

There were so many students I made connections with at my former school that I just couldn’t settle on one student, so I decided to mentor two of my former third graders. Even as a former educator, I wasn’t entirely sure how this mentorship would go. As natural as the classroom setting was for me, the role of a mentor is something totally different, and I really wanted to do this the right way and have the right impact. I can even say I was a little nervous approaching my first lunches with my new Lunch Buddies.

It has now been one year, 30 lunches, and many laughs with each of my mentees. Despite my uncertainties around becoming a mentor, I’ve come to realize there is no “right way” to be a mentor. All I can do is try to make my mentees feel happy and safe, and more importantly, heard and supported during our time together. And in adopting this mentality as a mentor, my mentees have loved every minute of our lunches, usually begging for “just one more minute!” 

With each catch-up session, weekly update, new milestone, and year older, I’ve come to see the impact of these relationships, not just for my mentees, but for me also.

Mentoring one student truly does change two lives. My mentees tie me to the passion that drove me to become an educator all those years ago. They help me see the world through their perspective, which reminds me to be a little more fun and a little less stressed. My mentees bring me to be a more compassionate, patient, and understanding person, while with them and in other facets of life. And of course, they bring me so much joy (and so many laughs) with every meeting. I never thought I’d be spending lunch playing hide-and-seek in my business casuals...and enjoying it nonetheless, but I look forward to each and every game.

If you are looking for a way to get involved, look no further. Choose to spend your lunch or afternoon giving back and helping a student by becoming a mentor through the Covington Partners Mentoring Program. There are mentoring opportunities to fit all busy schedules, and becoming a mentor is as easy as visiting the MENTORING TAB on the Covington Partners website or contacting Natalie Westkamp.

Remember, when you mentor ONE student, you change TWO lives. Truly.

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