Artful Summer: Inspiring Creativity at HHS Camp Covington

Part of Camp Covington (summer programming provided to Covington students in partnership with Covington Partners and Covington Independent Public Schools), Holmes High School students are enjoying a three-week camp focused on the arts this summer. 

Taking place the last three weeks of June, the camp has been made available free of charge to Covington students. Students attend five hours per day, receive breakfast and lunch, and participate in a variety of art-related activities and projects.

“This camp has inspired and motivated me to do the best art that I can,” MaryJane, art camp student, said of experience at Camp Covington this summer.

During camp, students have focused on producing their own publication for which they are both the author and the illustrator. They are dabbling in an assortment of art mediums, as wells as other creative and performing arts, including creative writing, improv, monologues, and poetry. Throughout camp, students are also learning about well-known art pieces, artists, and authors. 

Another student attending camp stated that he is “pleased and amazed at all of the different art materials available” for students to use at camp.

During the first week of camp, students visited the American Sign Museum where they learned about product branding and marketing, along with different career opportunities associated with these skills. At the museum, students worked in teams to create their own brand and marketing campaign for a company they were assigned. 

Outside of the arts, the camp also provides team-building activities focused on leadership, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and flexibility. Students have been tasked to leave their comfort zones, enjoy the process of taking risks, and grow through the process. Students reflect on all activities and have the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas.

Abdul, a new student who recently moved to the Covington area and who will be attending Holmes High School in the fall says he is thrilled to have met Mr. Jakob Boggs (art teacher and camp instructor) and Ms. Holly Simkonis (camp coordinator), as well as make so many friends, at camp. He said, “It has been the best thing.”

Families and friends are invited to an exhibit at the end of camp to recognize the accomplishments of the students. Students will also be provided with a certificate and an array of art supplies to take home.
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