Covington Partners envisions a future in which all Covington children realize the promise of their full potential.


Covington Partners works every day to keep our community moving forward by eliminating boundaries to learning and success. Through innovation and collaboration, we create safe and engaging environments for our students and families to learn and grow.


We believe our students have the potential for greatness. We create safe and engaging learning environments. We believe that learning has no boundaries. We believe with the unwavering support of schools, families and the community, our students will succeed.  


Since 1999, Covington Partners has been working together with the schools of Covington to promote positive youth development through collaboration. This coalition began with a focus on preventing youth substance abuse and violence. In 2001, our Coalition expanded its scope to include mental and physical health promotion, family strengthening, and staff training and support.

Through its early years, Covington Partners was funded by federal and state government programs such as Kentucky Incentives for Prevention, Drug Free Communities Support Program and the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative. As the community began to see the benefit of this work, more and more of the coalition's support is coming from within Covington and the Northern Kentucky area. Stakeholders from throughout the community – youth, parents, agencies, businesses, faith communities, government departments, schools, law enforcement entities, media, civic groups and healthcare professionals – all are involved as we work together in support of the youth of Covington.

We want to include members of all Northern Kentucky communities as well as those who understand the integral role that the success of Covington youth plays in the development of our region. Individuals and companies are recognizing the need and the possibilities and they are participating as contributors of time, talent and resources. Your donation of time, talent or resources will make a big difference not only for a child but also for the Northern Kentucky community. We hope you will be inspired to join us and partner in whatever way works best for you.


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Zakkiyyah Abdulrahim CLC Coordinator, Ninth District Elementary School

Kate Andriacco                               Mentoring Coordinator, Holmes High School

Crystal Harden                                Mentoring Coordinator, Holmes Middle School

Ashley McClure                               Resource Development/21C Director

Elizabeth Mitchell                            CLC Data Specialist

Julie Muehlenkamp Health & Wellness Coordinator

Tara Murray CLC Coordinator, Latonia Elementary School

Adriana Silva CLC Coordinator, Sixth District Elementary School

Stacie Strotman​ Executive Director

Michael Wesson                              CLC Coordinator, John G. Carlisle Elementary School

Natalie Westkamp                           Community Outreach Coordinator

Julie Wharton CLC Coordinator, Holmes High School

Jamar Yewitt, Jr. CLC Coordinator, Holmes Middle School

OPEN - APPLY HERE CLC Coordinator, Glenn O. Swing Elementary School