Join the Pink Link Project Movement this March

Did you know that 20% of girls have missed school because they didn't have period protection? Students should be focused on their education, not their periods, period.

The Pink Link Project by Covington Partners is an initiative to reduce a barrier that some students face every month during their menstrual cycle. This project provides period products for students who cannot afford or do not have access to purchase what is needed. Without this support, some students in Covington are absent from school for several days each month.

What began as a low-key, grassroots plea for financial and product donations has turned into a wildly successful campaign that will absolutely make a difference in the lives of students attending Covington Schools. 

To celebrate International Women’s Day this March 8, we ask you to join the Pink Link Project movement by:

  • Donating financially to Covington Partners. You can designate your donation to the Pink Link Project. Visit to donate today.
  • Donating new period products. 
  • Purchasing products from our Pink Link Project Amazon Wishlist at

As needed, Pink Link Project boxes within the schools are filled with products. Boxes are monitored by student ambassadors and staff. Currently, the biggest needs include monetary donations (to purchase adequate athletic bras for female athletes) and feminine hygiene wipes. 

Want to learn more about period poverty and the Pink Link Project? Visit our website or contact us at 859.392.3172 or

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